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Welcome to our farm!
Clydesdale Corner has been breeding and raising clydesdale horses since 1999.  We have enjoyed the beauty and majesty of these elegant and friendly horses.  Clydes are often referred to as one of the Gentle Giant breeds. Vistors to our Corner will attest that the label is well-suited.

Since 1999 we have enjoyed having families from all over Ohio bring their children and grandchildren to visit our herd.  Plenty of room to park at the barn and safely hand carrots or apples to the clydes who are accustomed to being spoiled by visitors!



The Sweda Family is retiring and will be selling all horses and equipment.  List includes a 4/5 slant gooseneck trailer in great condition, hitch and harness equipment and five beautiful Clydesdales.  All but the yearling are broke to drive and ride.


Contact Dick Sweda at Sweda@swedagroup.com or 440-670-7905 

Heading to greet visitors at the fence.

Clydesdales sunbathing in the pasture!

 You are welcome to visit Clydesdale Corner any day from sun up to sundown. If you are interested in purchasing one of our horses or are interested in stud service, please call for an appointment.


For reliable information visit the Clydesdale Breeders of the U.S.A.

Sweda's Clydesdale Corner 3415 Huron Avery Rd., Huron, OH. 44089 419-433-4841

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